Vacuum Excavator

Eddie Wannop Ltd carries out a first-class excavation for all manner of projects big or small. Our team of highly skilled Vac-Ex operators will ensure that your works is completed to a professional standard from start to finish.

Vacuum excavation provides a safe, low risk method which significantly reduces the risk of accidents. Using our high suction powered trucks, we’re able to expertly excavate the ground with little chance of damage or personal injury. Vacuum Excavation also reduces noise and disruption to the surrounding area, limiting the vibrations that could lead to damages on or around the site.

Why use a Vacuum Excavator?

Using a vacuum excavator can reduce the size of excavations by up to a third in comparison with traditional methods, by using less energy Vacuum Excavating creates a much smaller impact on the wider site and off-site environment.

Will using a Vacuum Excavator reduce project costs?

Absolutely! The reduced cost is just one advantage from using a Vacuum Excavator. This enables your project to be completed using half the man power and machinery. The reduced environmental impact and reduced pollution adds to the many benefits of Vacuum Excavating.

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