Top Soil

This multi-purpose top soil is ideal for garden landscaping and making up levels. It is useful in all areas of your garden, from under turf to flower beds and anything in between. It’s a natural fertile topsoil containing some small stones important for drainage and aeration. It will help your grass become lush and healthy and your plants to flourish early and root strongly. Contains all the essential plant nutrients as well as vital trace elements and a wetting agent to retain essential moisture. Used by keen gardeners looking for that extra value and quality to deliver a really thriving garden or vegetable plot.Using the latest technology to grade soil, it’s passed through screens to remove large stones.

Advantages of Top Soil:

Improves Quality

It is very efficient in helping the quality of soil in a particular area.

Even out Groundwork

It can equal our any uneven ground or lawns

Growing Plants

Top soil can be used in raised beds for growing many plants and vegetables.

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