Stone aggregate is, unsurprisingly, just stone that’s been crushed. Unlike gravel which is naturally formed, crushed stone aggregate is broken down to the required size using a crusher. This type of stone aggregate is most typically used in the production of tarmac. It’s coated in bitumen or tar and used for road surfacing. It can also be used when mixing concrete. Sometimes it’s used simply as it comes, as a bulk fill. Using stone aggregate for materials in your project will give them volume, stability and resistance to erosion.

At Esk Quarry, we aren't like most suppliers

Most suppliers don’t have access to their own quarry. This means that any stone they supply to you will have been sourced from elsewhere. In order for them to get this stone to sell, they will have had to pay. To make purchasing the stone worthwhile for their business, they have to charge you more, or risk making a loss. Crushed stone and other aggregates are very heavy, so if they have to be transported a long distance, delivery will be costly. In some cases, delivery may exceed the cost of the materials themselves.

We have our own quarry in Faugh near Carlisle where we extract the stone ourselves and don’t need to pay anyone else to do it. Our saving is then passed on to you. By selling directly, we keep your costs as low as possible, and being a local supplier also means that you’ll pay less for delivery. We have several stock piles of large unsorted material including large amounts of sand stone and because we are nearby, you will get your aggregates sooner.