Concrete Sand

Also known as Sharp Sand, Concrete Sand is coarse and red in colour when extracted. It’s mostly used to make screeds and foundation projects. Many companies supply concreting sand, but a lot of it is moved long distances from quarries all over. Transporting the aggregate across the country drives up the cost of delivery. It also means you’ll have to wait longer to get it. So it makes more sense to choose a local Cumbrian supplier for your sand needs. The main advantage you’ll get using us is that we get the sand straight out of the ground and process it on site, so there’s no middle man to deal with or pay. With us being local, not only will delivery be cheaper, but it won’t take as long either, so you won’t have to wait to get your sand delivered or sand collected.

Esk Quarry aims to be the best supplier

We supply many concrete producers in Cumbria and are proud to be a Cumbria sand supplier. Esk Quarry aims to be the best supplier, so our concrete sand is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent quality. Because we extract sand ourselves, selling directly to customers, our costs are very competitive. This way Esk Quarry makes sure you get the best price possible, as well as the best quality sand.

Want some concreting sand but too busy to come and get it? No worries, we’ll deliver our concrete sand to your site. The price of the sand is based on the quantity needed.