Building Sand

Building sand is finer and much softer than other types of sand. Because of this, it’s perfect for making mortar which requires an adhesive consistency. Mortar is paste that’s used to bind brickwork and blocks together. It can also be used for filling gaps.  Building sand is used instead of other, coarser sands, to give mortar the smooth texture. Building sand is also referred to as fine sand or masonry sand.

When sourcing building sand to make mortar, it can be difficult choosing the right supplier. Typically suppliers, will have their own supplier of sand and aggregates. So you’ll not only pay the supplier, but also pay for them to use their supplier. They could get the sand from anywhere in the country. So as well as being more expensive because of middle men, it means your delivery will also be costlier. You’ll also have to wait longer to get your sand.

We source all of the sand we supply direct on site

This means that you only pay us for the sand you get, no middle men are involved. With Esk Quarry being a local company based in Faugh near Carlisle, Cumbria, it means you’ll save on delivery costs too. As well as being cheaper, our location means you won’t have to wait as long for your sand to get to you. And we even allow for sand collection so you can come and pick it up right away yourself.

Building sand from Esk Quarry is tested to ensure that it’s appropriate for common building jobs. So you can rest assured you’ll make the best mortar with the help of our sand. We supply building sand throughout Cumbria, the North of England and South West Scotland.