Bedding Sand

Bedding sand is fine washed sand that can be used in enclosed stock yards. Unlike other forms of bedding such as straw or wood shavings, it helps control the spread of diseases. Because sand is inorganic, it doesn’t provide a good environment for bacteria. This reduces the chance of pathogens spreading between cattle. So you won’t have to worry as much about the welfare of your cows.

Advantages of Bedding Sand:

Gives Better Footing

Chances of injury from falling or slipping are greatly reduced.

More Comfortable

You have reassurance that your cattle are safe.

Exempt from Aggregate Levy

You’ll save even more choosing livestock bedding sand.

As with all types of sand, most suppliers do not obtain the sand themselves. This means they will have had to pay someone else in order to get the sand. In these instances, the supplier needs to make a profit. So they’ll charge more for the sand in order to make it worthwhile. As well as this, sand may be sourced from anywhere in the country. The further your sand travels, the more it will cost to deliver and the longer you’ll be without.